Janesville Company Experiences an Uncommon Crime

JANESVILLE - The company let a man in who they thought was a maintenance worker but ended up being a burglar.

Surveillance Video attached.

JANESVILLE- What would you do if this man showed up at the back door of your business? He looks like an ordinary worker. He even has a tool chest in his hand. He rings the doorbell and then knocks and an employee thinking he's a vending machine worker lets him in. Little did employees know that he was really a thief.

"He came in and took a look at the vending machine then went back to his vehicle and then came back and literally was here for about 45 minutes to an hour drilling out the locks in the coin exchange machine," said Mitch Benson, Vice President at Prent.

If you never heard of a crime like this you're not alone neither had police.

"The case in itself is different it's not like any cases that we've had prior to this were someone has misrepresented who they are, enter the business and spend a significant amount of time in the break room," said Lt. Keith Lawver.

"I was shocked that anybody would be that brassy to come in and literally sit on a chair and start drilling," said Benson.

He said they will change policy to prevent this from happening again.

"The thing that we're looking to change would be to make sure all employees don't let anybody in unless they have a picture ID that we provide all of our suppliers," said Benson.

Anyone with information on his identity is asked to call Janesville police.

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