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Jefferson Students Get Front Line Experience in Medical Field

ROCKFORD - Students teamed up with medical professionals at St. Anthony Hospital to go through a typical hospital workday.
ROCKFORD - Stateline students getting a chance to see what it's like to be on the front lines of health care.

More than 70 Jefferson High School sophomores got hands-on experience as nurses, physical therapists and lab technicians at Saint Anthony's College of Nursing.

Medical professionals were on hand to take them through the places of a typical hospital workday. Organizers say the opportunities are there as the health care field continues to grow.

"We're trying to get students excited about going into health care as physicians, nurses, lab technicians," said Alissa Althoff, of St. Anthony's College of Nursing. "They're getting the opportunity to ask questions and practice different skills they may be doing."

Students also heard from a variety of speakers and were given hands-on experience in the simulation lab.
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