Law Enforcement Symbolically Carries Accomplishments of Statewide Athletes

FREEPORT - Officers in Stephenson County running their leg of the Special Olympics Torch Run.
FREEPORT - Law enforcement in Stephenson County showing their appreciation for some very special statewide athletes.

Officers running their leg of the Special Olympics Torch Run Thursday. The Illinois Law Enforcement Torch Run is the single largest year-round fundraising event benefiting Special Olympics of Illinois.

The goal of the run is to raise money and increase public awareness. Participants say it's a rewarding experience.

"It's a great feeling," says Sgt. Thomas Madigan of the Freeport Police Department. "Today feels great, but tomorrow is just an indescribable experience when you're down there with all the special Olympians. Watching them participate in the games and just cheering them on, it's a great feeling." 

Each year, officers in Illinois run more than 1500 miles carrying the Flame of Hope.
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