Man Who Killed A 7 Year-Old Girl Vying For Second Chance At Freedom

WTVO/WQRF - Jack McCullough is making a play to get out of prison early.

UPDATE (4/22/14): McCullough filed an appeal of his life sentence for the murder of Maria Ridulph back in 1957.  A key witness in the case, Kathy Chapman, identified McCullough as the man who gave Ridulph a piggyback ride before she disappeared.

In his appeal, McCullough says it's a "romantic notion" that Chapman could identify him as the killer despite 50 years passing between her testimony in court and the date of the murder.

WTVO/WQRF (12/10/12): Jack McCullough is sentenced this morning after being found guilty of murdering Maria Ridulph back in 1957.

McCullough is sentenced to natural life in prison for Ridulph's murder, 5 years for kidnapping and 1 year for abduction. 

McCullough was given a choice on whether he wanted to be sentenced under 1957 statute or today's law.  He chose the 1957 statute.

Maria Ridulph, 7, was abducted while playing with a friend in December 1957.  Her body was discovered months later near Galena, IL.  McCullough, 72, was 17 years old at the time and lived near Ridulph's home.

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