Minimum Wage Hike Could Help Local Workers

The federal minimum wage is $7.25 an hour per hour but for federal employees it is going up big time.
President Barack Obama announced plans on Tuesday to use the President’s executive powers to raise the minimum wage for Federal Contractors.  The decision to go it alone, without the full support of Congress, has pleased some groups while infuriating some others.

The federal minimum wage is $7.25 per hour but for federal employees it is going up big time. Some Stateline residents wonder if this increase will be enough.

“I wouldn’t necessarily say it is enough but it would be better than what it is now for people.”  Only federal workers will see their pay go up to $10.10 an hour... and that has blue collar workers like McCoy upset.  “Why don’t they get considered first over the federal when their pay is considerably higher than average workers?”

So, why is the wage increasing to $10.10?  Representative Bustos says studies have proven that is what people need to meet basic living standards.  The $10.10 rate is based on science and economics and I’m very much in favor of raising it.

Bustos' opponent in the 17th congressional district and former congressman bobby schilling owns a family restaurant in Moline... he believes the increase could have a negative effect on small business owners but when it comes to the small business in America these small ma and pa shops its going to actually put a lot of those folks out of business

Rock River training executive director Mike Williams believes that increasing the minimum wage is a step in the right direction...but, it will not fix the economy.

"Increasing the wage to ten dollars is not going to accomplish that...individuals need to look at their current situation"
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