New Poll Shows Governor Quinn in Deep Hole No Matter Which Republican He Faces

'Capitol Fax/We Ask America' Poll shows Governor trailing all four potential Republican opponents.
ROCKFORD -- Gov. Pat Quinn may be the 'luckiest politician alive,' a moniker given to him by Hillary Clinton after all of Quinn's primary opponents for Governor dropped out of the race, but a recent visti to Rockford and a new statewide poll shows he has a great deal of work to do if he is to win re-eleciton.

The 'Capitol Fax/We Ask America' poll republished in the political website 'Reboot Illinois' found the Governor trails whoever may be the propective Republican nominee.

'Reboot Illinois' reports that, "According to the poll of 1,354 likely general election voters, all four of Quinn's potential Republican primary opponents have pulled ahead of the long-unpopular Democratic governor. The poll, taken January 30th, found that Sen. Bill Brady leads Gov. Quinn 48-39. Sen. Kirk Dillard and Treasurer Dan Rutherford are ahead of Quinn 46-37. And Rauner leads the governor 47-39. The self-described party affiliation in the poll was 22 percent Republican and 38 percent Democratic, while 40 percent said they were independents."  (link to article below)

Quinn's problems go well beyond a state with an anemic economy, poor job growth, higher taxes and a bad credit rating based on pension debt and an inability to pay the state's bills.  The Governor's bigger problem is that he pursues a political agenda that appears to be disconnected from the state's fiscal reality.

For instance, the Governor took a trip to Rockford last week to push for more money for early childhood education, a proposal he made in his 'State of the State Address.'  Whatever the merits of his proposal, however, it comes at a time when the state is badly underfunding K-12 education.  The State Board of Education says state funding to education is $1 billion short.  2012 Census figures show it's closer to $3.5 billion short when compared to neighboring states or national averages.

Yet when asked by Eyewitness News reporter Alma Valenzuela about more dollars for early childhood education when K-12 schools desperately needs more state funding, this was the Governor's answer.  "A good early childhood start from birth to five.  Healthy educated, ready for kindergarten.  Boys and girls learn all kinds of skills pre-literacy.  Skills, number skills, skills about getting along with each other.  Working together.  Having a positive attitude towards life that's indepensible for when a boy or girl goes onto kindergarten and onto elementary school."

In other words, he evaded answering the question.  The Governor, who rarely gives one-on-one interviews, can effectively evade answering difficult questions in a formal news conference setting, but he won't be able to get away with that in a debate, and judging from the latest poll numbers, Illinois voters see through his evasive rhetoric anyway.

'Reboot Illinois' article:  http://www.rebootillinois.com/2014/poll-spells-trouble-for-quinn-4-different-ways-11830?utm_source=email&utm_medium=reboot-editorial/partner-2/3/2014&utm_campaign=miller-poll-spells-trouble-for-quinn-4-different-ways-2/3/2014
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