New Scam Targets Verizon Customers

ROCKFORD - Verizon customers watch out! The Better Business Bureau says scammers are targeting you.

ROCKFORD - Verizon customers watch out!  The Better Business Bureau says scammers are targeting you.

Scammers use Caller ID spoofing technology and a look-alike website to dupe Verizon users.  Victims say they received a call from Verizon's "Technical Support".  A recorded message informs the victim they're eligible to receive a voucher, but need to visit a website to claim it.  One example of a website address is verizon54.com.

The site then asks you for your cellphone number, Verizon ID, and Social Security Number.

"Since Verizon Wireless is one of the nation's largest cell phone providers, they and their customers are an easy target for scammers" says Dennis Horton, Director of the Rockford Better Business Bureau.  "Consumers need to be aware of suspicious phone calls and fake websites in order to keep their personal information safe."

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