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Parking Deck Collapse Causes City Market Changes

Rockford- City market will have to move vendors who used the top park of the water street parking deck.
Rockford-There will a City Market this Friday, but vendors won’t have a much elbow room. Because a section of  the Water Street parking deck collapsed on Tuesday, regular vendors can not use the top portion of the deck.

Rockford City Market Manager, Cathy McDermott, says, "We're gonna extend the market towards State Street, along Water Street, so we're probably gonna pick up another ten vending spots right there.”

The vendors not positioned near State Street will have to squeeze in the gaps between others. Officials say closing the market was never an option.

The parking deck was originally scheduled to be demolished in May, but the long winter delayed the process.

Alderman Tom McNamara tells Eyewitness News that council did not know that the deck was in the bad shape that it was.

McNamara says, “We never got a report that said the deck needed to be demolished right away.”  He says the Council would not knowingly put residents in danger.

Now that the deck has collapsed and is closed, officials hope the demolition process can be sped up.

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