Police Investigate Car Robberies At Rockford Park

Police Investigate Car Robberies At Rockford Park
ROCKFORD - Police are investigating a string of robberies that happened at at Sinnissippi Park Saturday night.

Officers say a Hispanic male in a red two-door vehicle pulled into a parking lot near the Nicholas Conservatory around 5:30pm on Saturday, broke windows on several cars, and burglarized a vehicle.  

Residents are surprised that the robberies would take place at Sinnissippi Park, because of the family friendly atmosphere.

"I've never felt unsafe here," says Rockford resident Mike Johnson, who was visiting the park Saturday.  "But, I always lock the doors of my car and put anything that might be of value out of sight, or I bring it with me."

There is no report of what was taken from the cars.  Rockford Park District police are still investigating.
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