Rockford Buses Have Trouble Getting Kids to School on Time

ROCKFORD – Stateline school bus drivers need your help making sure that kids get to school on time.
ROCKFORD – It’s a tight squeeze getting RPS kids to class.  Elizabeth Brown, or as her kids call her, Ms. Elizabeth, has been a bus driver for the district for the past 15 years and says driving the streets have never been this bad, “You get to a spot where they're parking directly across from each other and cars can barely get through.  They think that we're like cars, but we need more room than a car does."

That's because with high snow banks spilling onto the sides of the roads, cars are getting pushed further into the street and sometimes Ms. Elizabeth can't get through, “We just lay on the horn and somebody's nice enough to come out and move it."

She'd prefer not to deal with these tight situations all together, “If I can see down the road, before I get there, that I’m not gonna be able to get through, then I’ll go a different way."

But those detours add up.  Sometimes to the point where the kids are late for school.  Yusuf Zahurullah is a student in the district and says, “The latest we've ever been is around fifteen minutes I’d say."

That may make it tough on teachers, but it's also is stressful for Ms. Elizabeth.  Yusuf says, “She might get a little bit annoyed. Just if there's, like, a lot of cars."

Ms. Elizabeth says, “A lot of times, it's just frustrating. You know, because, we drive the same route every day...I don't know I don't understand it."

But she says the solution is simple enough: if you know you're on a bus route, move your cars to one side of the street. So these kids can get to and from school.
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