Rockford East High School Selling a Piece of History

Bricks from the school's torn down chimney are being sold.
Rockford- Allison Dzik enjoyed her four years at Rockford East High School so much; she decided to buy a part of it. The high school is selling bricks from the town,  Dzik says (Rockford) East has been a huge part of my life, and you know the saying, once an E-Rab always an E-Rab.”

The smoke stack had been around since the school opened nearly seventy-five years ago. E-Rabs of all graduating classes have been coming from all over to buy bricks. The bricks are for a good cause. The money will go towards opening one of the skylights on the school’s third floor that’s been sealed for years.

The bricks cost twenty-five dollars. They started with 200, and have already sold half of them. If you want to buy a brick contact the high school.
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