Car Dealership Open For Business Day After Truck Flew Through It's Garage

Loves Park- Stateliners want to know if Jack Mitchell Motors is still open for business.
The phone rings non-stop at at this car dealership in Loves Park. Stateliners want to know if Jack Mitchell Motors is still open for business.
This after a Dodge Dakota crashed through the garage Wednesday nearly wiping it out.

"I thought maybe it was an explosion some sort of gas explosion," said Dennis Seydel, employee at Jack Mitchell Motors.

"We were really fortunate that their was a gentleman and his girlfriend buying a car us at the time so we were all in the office writing the deal up or we would have been right exactly were the vehicle came in," said Jack Mitchell, owner of Jack Mitchell Motors Incorporated.

The big mess left behind didn't stop Mitchell Motors owner - Jack Mitchell from opening.

"We don't do a lot of mechanical work so our garage is used mainly for clean-up of cars. So, it's a beautiful day out so we can clean cars outside and we're open for business."

And, employee Dennis Seydel agrees with the decision.

"It doesn't change what you do at the end of the day. You still have to do what you do." 

Even though they suspect the damage maybe anywhere from forty to 100-thousand dollars, employees here are trying to stay positive.  

"Overall it might be a positive you know people see that we're here that might not have before."

But for Dennis Seydel this is an accident that he will not easily forget.

"I hope the gentleman that was in the truck is ok. I know I was the first person to pretty much see him when it happened. I don't think it's anything that I'm going to forget seeing for a while."

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