Save-A-Lot Could Solve Rockford’s West Side Food Desert Problem

A new grocery store is in the works and local leaders hope it could be the oasis in west Rockford’s food desert.
ROCKFORD- Although many believe opening a new supermarket in the west side of Rockford would be beneficial for people in the area, not everyone is convinced this is the right move.

The non-for-profit developer IFF is in talks with the City of Rockford to develop a Save-A-Lot supermarket at the intersection of Central Avenue and West state.

The new 15,000 square feet grocery store could cost up to $3 million. IFF would finance the project in part with money from the state.

Some residents are happy with the idea of bringing new fresh and healthy products to the west side, but others believe a big chain in the area would be more beneficial for all.

City officials say construction for the grocery store could start spring 2015 pending approval from the City of Rockford next Monday.

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