Stateline Charities Honored for Making Positive Change in the Community

ROCKFORD - The Rockford Cosmopolitan Club giving thanks by way of a luncheon to those helping transform the city.
ROCKFORD - The Rockford Cosmopolitan Club honors stateline charities for making a positive difference in the community.

To celebrate, the civic group held a luncheon in honor of the people they believe are helping to transform Rockford.

In all, 22 non-profit organizations were picked. The civic group gave out about $50,000.

"I've been at MELD for a long time," says Karen Tilly of Rockford MELD. "I've been here 20 years, and it's rewarding all the time to be able to see what's happening where people help our agency out in so many ways."

"We are very proud here in Rockford," says Dr. Kris Tumilowicz, President of Rockford Cosmopolitan. "We happen to be the largest Cosmopolitan club in the world. We just celebrated our 65th anniversary, and all these years we've been raising funds to help deserving charities and non-profits."

Every year the civic group hosts three annual fundraisers to provide the money they give away each year.

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