Stateline Students Build 120-Pound Robot

ROCKFORD - Area students from 16 different high schools team up to create robot for Rockford Robotics.
ROCKFORD - Rockford Robotics holds an open house today to show off a robot built by high school students.

The Rockford Robotics team consists of 40 students from 16 different schools.

Team members are assigned a challenge of a specific robot to build. For the most recent challenge students built a 120-pound robot designed to throw a 2-pound ball through a hoop.

Students say the program helps show that technology is cool.

"There's no cooler way than showing a 120-pound robot throwing giant balls and frisbees, something we did last year, and that's really what it's about," said Rockford Robotics team captain Eli Ball. "We're trying to show the community that science can be cool and robots are the best way to show that."

Students say the challenges are stressful, but provides them hands-on experience with programming and wiring.
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