Tom Doherty Takes His Vision to the Big Screen

A Stateliner takes his vision to the big screen, and he's giving you a chance to see it, too. His name is Tom Doherty, and he's putting Rock Valley College on the map at the Beloit International Film Festival.
It is called The White Room, and it's a movie that is sure to tug at your heart strings, and cause you to think twice before taking your
loved ones for granted. It tells the tale of a young man who wakes up in a white room, having no idea why he's there or how he got there in the first place. The audience then follows him through a myriad number of emotions, until the story takes an unexpected twist. No, this film wasn't made in Hollywood. The director and producer, Tom Doherty, is a student right here in the Stateline at Rock Valley College.

"I think it is a really meaningful, relatable, universal sort of story that a lot people can connect with," Doherty says.

The screenplay was written by Tom's friend, Tony Delpra, back in 2006. But, it didn't make its way to the big screen until recently.

"The script always stuck in my mind as a very good story, a story that needed to be told," Doherty adds.

And, since its release, it has made a powerful connection with viewers, critics, and even his teachers.

"We are really excited about Tom's film, I mean the first time I saw it, it made me cry. As a father of a young daughter, you watch the film and it is really quite emotional," states Brian Shelton, one of Tom's professors and Chair of the Mass Communications Department at Rock Valley

The White Room has been shown at film festivals across the country, and has even garnered "The Best of Fest" at the Broadcast Educational
Association's Film Festival. In April, Tom will head to Las Vegas to accept the award.
"It's a great honor, and I'm very excited for that festival." Doherty exclaims.

Tom also hopes you will weigh in with your opinion at the Beloit International Film Festival this weekend.

"You know, if you make something that you're proud of, and then people are able to see that, that's you know, the most meaningful thing," Doherty says.

The White Room will be showing on Saturday, February 22nd at 5:00pm at the Hendricks Center for the Arts. To reserve tickets by phone, please call (773) 818-5010.

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