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Robots, Ice, & Braille. All in this week's Tsaparis Tscience.
WTVO / WQRF – Tiny robots with big prospects; these little guys are programmed to build large structures. Researchers at Harvard got the idea by seeing the way termites cooperate to build mounds of soil hundreds of times larger than themselves. Because of this, the robots are called “Termes”. They'll eventually be used to build in areas that are dangerous for humans, such as creating satellites in space.

And interesting ice: After this week's mild temps, ice started to melt off Lake Michigan and float down the Chicago River in huge chunks. A photographer that lives in the marina towers says that the time lapse video was taken over the course of a couple of hours.

Finally, what do you get when combine Braille & Legos? You get “Braigo”! A 12 year old in California created a Braille printer using only Lego pieces which can print the letters A through Z. This invention could help the visually impaired considering 90 percent of these individuals live in third world countries. Altogether, the set was made for $350 which makes it much more affordable than normal Braille printers which cost about $2000.
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