UPDATE: Courtney Charged With Girlfriend's Murder

JANESVILLE - Police say they finally have enough to charge a suspect with Britney Cross' murder.
Clayton Courtney
Clayton Courtney

UPDATE (6/19/14): Police have charged Courtney with 1st degree intentional homicide.  We'll have more on this story on Eyewitness News Local at Five and Six.

UPDATE (VIDEO):  Janesville police say the name of the victim is 21-year-old Britney Cross from Edgerton. Cross died of head trauma, and her death is now officially considered to be a homicide.  Clayton Courtney is the prime suspect in her murder.

UPDATE (5/6/14): Investigators are holding a press conference at 1pm.  It's during that time the identity of the victim will be released, as well as the autopsy results.

UPDATE (VIDEO) - Janesville Police is investigating two incidents that perhaps could be related after authorities arrested Clayton Courtney.

Mary Coulthard has been missing since Friday. Police says a water bottle belonging to her and some of her personal property was found on the Milwaukee Street Bridge.

Authorities say that Courtney might have been drinking and using drugs near the Memorial Street Bridge.

The area where the body of an unidentified female was found in the Rock River is behind the Schuler Furniture Store on North Main Street. This location is near both bridges previously mentioned.

Both cases are still under investigation and anyone with information about Clayton Courtney's whereabouts is asked to contact police.

UPDATE (11:37am): Janesville Police announced Monday morning the body found is the victim of a murder.  Investigators believe 28-year-old Clayton Courtney may have killed her.  The victim is described as a woman under the age of 75.  Her body was found near Schuler Furniture Store on North Main Street.  Police believe Courtney may be involved because friends informed them he was going to drink and do drugs in that area.  However, they haven't charged Courtney with murder yet.

They're also trying to link Courtney to the disappearance of 75-year-old Mary Coulthard.  Upon his arrest, police say Courtney bragged that he killed three people.  Courtney is also accused in the attempted murder of 28-year-old Michael Clark.

So far, Courtney is charged with attempted 1st degree murder, disorderly conduct, attempted arson, criminal damage, and domestic violence.

We'll have much more on this story on Eyewitness News Local at 5p & 6p.

JANESVILLE -- A body has been discovered by the Rock River in downtown Janesville.  Police will release more details about the identity and the circumstances of death at a news conference at 11am at the Janesville police headquarters.

The discovery comes as police are also conducting a search for a 75-year-old woman reported missing near the downtown area on Friday (see link).  However, there is no information at this time that the two incidents are in any way related.

Look for updates on MyStateline.com as they become available.

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