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UPDATE: Drakaar Malone to Turn Himself into Police

ROCKFORD -- Investigation reveals police not responsible for crash that killed 17 year old Robert Wilson back in March.

UPADTE (8/19/14): Drakkar Malone checked himself into SwedishAmerican Hospital on Tuesday and stated his plan to turn himself in to police, following treatment. His family maintains their son's innocence.

Malone’s mother, Sherrie Bradley, says of the situation, ”I haven't been sleeping, I been hurt, it's just been killing me all this stuff that's going on and I just want justice that's all. I just want justice to be prevailed."

UPDATE (8/15/14): The Winnebago  County State's Attorney, Joe Bruscato, says Drakkar Malone is charged with the  following in the death of Robert Wilson:

  • Reckless Homicide
  • Aggravated DUI of drugs involving death
  • Aggravated DUI of drugs and alcohol involving death

If convicted on all the charges, Malone could spend up to 19 years in prison. 

Pastor Melvin Brown from Kingdom Authority Church calls the investigation a cover up.  Brown says that Malone’s mother told him that her son had no alcohol in his system when his blood test after the crash.  

This contradicts the evidence collected by the State's Attorney's office, which says that testing revealed Malone was both high and drunk when he crashed his car, killing 17-year-old Robert Wilson, this past spring, after leading police on an 85 mph chase.

Brown is now calling for a Federal investigation.

Pastor Melvin Brown says, “We need some body with accountability to come in and look at what this Integrity Task Force is saying, and look at what Joe [Bruscato] is saying. This is stooping mighty low that you're gonna blame the death of my nephew [Wilson] on the young man that was driving that car.”

UPDATE (8/14/14): According to the Illinois State Police, an investigation into the crash found no physical evidence that the squad cars had any contact with Drakaar Malone's vehicle. 

In addition, dash-cam video from the pursuing squad car and other police vehicles involved were analyzed by the task force, along with GPS location data, in reaching their verdict.

There is a warrant out for Malone, who was paralyzed from the crash. 

Rockford- Drakaar Malone lays in a bed at Kindred Hospital in Sycamore with an I-V in his arm and cast on both feet. His body constantly twitching from muscle spasms. Malone is paralyzed form the neck down after a car crash, allegedly caused by police, who Malone says were pursuing him without lights or sirens.

Malone says “I told my passengers in the car all to put their seatbelts on because the officer was coming to hit the car and as I seen him going to hit the car he hit the back of the car on the passenger side of the car, and the car flipped and rolled four times.”

Malone now spends his days confined to a hospital room with his pregnant fiancé by his side. Malone says “I ain’t gone be the type of father I’d want to be to my first child because of this situation.”

He hopes the investigation proves he did nothing wrong that night in March. A night that changed his life forever.

Eyewitness News reached out to the Winnebago County State’s Office and they said there is no timetable to determine when the investigation will be complete.

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