UPDATE: Police Arrest Man Believed To Be Behind Three Bank Robberies

ROCKFORD - Police arrest a man they say is behind a series of bank robberies.

UPDATE (7/18/14): Police arrested 52 year-old Pedro Cordero in connection to the bank robberies.  He was taken into custody last Sunday during a traffic stop.  He's charged with three counts of armed robbery.

ROCKFORD - Another bank, another robbery and police believe one man is responsible.

There've been three bank robberies in the past three months.  In each case, police described the suspect as a black male in his 50s, weighing approximately 240 pounds, and about 5'8".

Eyewitness News noticed the trend and asked police if it's the same man for all three robberies.  Rockford Police Lt. Patrick Hoey confirmed they do believe the same man is behind all three robberies.  Hoey says the FBI is assisting in the investigation and something could happen very soon.

The most recent robbery occurred at a BMO Harris Bank on Alpine Saturday.  The other two happened at the US Bank in downtown Rockford and the Associated Bank on Center Terrace.

In all three cases, the suspect implied that he had a gun, but never showed it.

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