Vegetable Juice Helps Beloit To Beet Out Snow And Ice

Beloit public works found a new use for an unpopular vegetable. It is helping to keep residents in Beloit safe out on the roads.
BELOIT-This winter has been filled with snow and ice and while cities all across Illinois have been working hard to keep the roads safe, salt is hard to find.

That’s why Beloit Wisconsin public works are fighting the winter weather with a vegetable juice.

Why is Beloit depending on beet juice to keep the roads clear of ice and snow this winter? The city's snow and ice removal experts believe it simply works the best.

“Its making it easier for residents to travel through town, it cuts down on some of our labor time by going out and salting it will eliminate some of that time and it will help us to sleep"

What is in this veggie juice that keeps the roads safe? Public works supervisor Bruce Slagoski says the sugar inside of the beets does most of the work.

“The sugar inside of the beet juice releases. It then works as a heater, causing ice to melt faster”.

Beet juice is also better for the environment and helps reduce the city’s dependence on road salt.

"It works better on the snow and ice and it’s actually better for the environment because your using those smaller quantity and being an organic its kind of natural"

This eco friendly substance is also a good way to save money... saving Beloit a quarter of a million dollars so far this year.

"Economically it helps it makes it a little better for us as a community so we can afford to do more."

The beet juice does turn streets a bit of a Brownish Red color but Bruce says that residents then know they are pre treating the streets.

“They can actually see the brown and then they know that the streets are being treated and that the roads will be safe.”

Some might be worried that beet juice could harm or stain their cars but surprisingly…

"It is actually less corrosive than salt."
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