Why 100 Million Credit Card Users Need to Check Their Statements Now

Security breaches could be draining your accounts a little bit at a time.
ABC NEWS - Retailers are rushing to update their point-of-sale systems after at least three major chains were hit by data breaches, but many consumers have failed to act to protect themselves. Recent break-ins compromised credit card and other personal financial information from more than 100 million customers. Data experts warn more attacks are almost certain this year.

The Better Business Bureau and security blogger Brian Krebs say scammers have stolen credit card numbers for small amounts. Some victims were hit with charges of $9.84. Consumers are urged to be vigilant.

“First off we need to recognize that we’re in this as well,” says credit expert John Ulzheimer at creditsesame.com. “We can’t just assume that other companies are going to protect our information. We also have to be involved.”

Ulzheimer says it’s important to check your bills and bank statements frequently. “Most people wait until the end of the month when they get their credit card bill in the mail or online to actually check their statement. That’s way too long.”

ABC Business News:  http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/business/2014/01/100-million-credit-card-victims-need-to-check-their-cards/
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