Winter Storm Causes Big Problems

ROCKFORD – It’s the winter that we'd like to forget but with winter storms like these it's definitely going to be a memorable one.
ROCKFORD – A car rolls over and crashes into a median Monday morning bringing traffic to a halt on U.S. 20.  A couple miles away, a semi plows into a snow bank.  Needless to say, it was another rough ride for Stateline drivers. Sam Gattuso has to drive in the snow, “It was good until i got on [U.S.] 20 going towards Freeport. And that's when I saw a big change in the wind and also the road conditions."

The back roads were even worse.  Eyewitness News employee Kelly Lattmer captured video showing white out conditions on Auburn Street, “I have to stop. I have to stop. I cannot see where I am...I’ve made a big mistake coming this way."

But other Stateliners learned from their mistakes in past snow systems and got new tires to weather the new storm, like Dave Galliano, “Not but two weeks ago I was in a ditch right out over here and now, like I said,  it drives like a panther."

Ruben Robinson agrees, “It's my wife's car so i wanted her to have safe tires, so we went on and got them this weekend."

Due to the snow, Spectrum School in Rockford let students out early causing headaches for some parents, like Beth Quinn, “It's been quite, quite the winter so far. I have a sick kid at home, and picking up my daughter and I work from home and I’m missing my 4 by 4.  I wish I never got rid of it."

Gattuso agrees it's time for a change, “I think with the snow we're getting, my next vehicle is going to a 4 wheel drive vehicle."

But one thing's for certain--it's been an historic winter.  Robinson says, “I’ve been here for 62 years and I haven't seen this much snow this long."

Quinn says, “Spring can't come soon enough."

And meteorological spring starts in just 11 days, but with weather like this you wouldn't know it.
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