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Dixon Police Identify Suspect in High Speed Chase

Charges are pending on a 20-year-old Dixon man who dragged a police officer and led police on a high speed chase.

Dixon -- Dixon Police Sargeant Steve Howell is doing just fine after a scary situation while responding to a disturbance call. Charges are pending against  20-year-old suspect Vincent McGinnis from Dixon.  It all started Sunday evening just minutes after 8 o-clock in the 800 block of Fellows Road.

After a day of boating,  witnesses told police the suspect was intoxicated angry and getting out-of-control. He was throwing patio furniture and flowerpots at another man.  Then police were called to the scene and the disturbance escalated. Police say by the time Sargeant Howell arrived at the scene, the suspect tried to drive off in his car. That's when Sargeant Howell  grabbed onto the car.

"The Sargeant held onto to him trying to get him to stop from being able to go. The guy took off and drug Sargeant for 10-15 yards," said Dixon police Chief Danny Langloss. Sargeant Howell finally let go just before the suspect hit 2 parked cars.  Then, another police car, responding to the call, gave chase.  The chase led police south on Galena, east on River Road.....Then north on Route 2 where it all ended near Route 2 and Sink Hollow Road. 

That's where the suspect was found with life threatening injuries after hitting a tree. He was air lifted to Rockford Memorial Hospital where he remains in good condition. "We will meet with the States Attorney's office to determine the appropriate criminal charges.  We're waiting for the suspect to make a full recovery and once that happens, I anticipate criminal charges will be filed against him," said Police Chief Dany Langloss.

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