Early Poll Shows Quinn with High Negatives But Strong Numbers in Re-election Bid

Poll indicates no Republican opponent holds a big advantage over incumbent Governor.
WTVO/WQRF -- Hillary Clinton recently described Pat Quinn as the luckiest politician alive.  A new poll appears to back up that appraisal.

Public Policy Polling out of North Carolina has just issued a new survey of Illinois voters which shows the Governor with a 60% job disapproval rating, and yet leading or in a virtual tie with any of the announced Republican candidates for Governor.

If the election were held today, only State Treasurer Dan Rutherford would beat Quinn by a 41% to 39% margin, well within the margin of error and with 20% of voters still undecided.

The dynamics of the race will change of course, especially after Republicans choose their candidate for Governor in the March election and state voters get to learn more about him.  That said, for a Governor with a 60% disapproval rating and just a 34% approval rating to be competitive at all is remarkable.  It means that many state voters who disapprove of the Governor's performance indicate they would vote for him anyway, an indication of the grip Democrats have on Illinois politics even at times when their job performance is considered poor.

Go to the link below to read the entire poll:

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