Family Pet Stabbed To Death By Neighbor

Man Claims Self-Defense
Machesney Park, Illinois- Megan Dinges is mourning the loss of her pet dog, a pit bull named Vito. The dog escaped its leash and confronted a small beagle on the sidewalk.

The owner of that dog pulled out a knife and repeatedly stabbed the pit bull as Dinges' husband was holding the pet by the back legs. 

"My husband thought the man was punching the dog, but turns out he was stabbing him," said Dinges. "He stabbed him 6 times."

A pool of blood was left behind, and Vito later died in surgery.

The Winnebago County Sheriff's Department and Animal Services deemed the neighbor's actions justified. No charges were filed. 

We did reach out to the man that stabbed the dog to death, and he said "he feared for his life and property."
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