Gov. Quinn Signs Four Domestic Violence Bills Into Law

New laws include making second-time offenses a felony.

CHICAGO -- Governor Pat Quinn has signed into law four bills meant to crack down on domestic violence.

House Bill 958 classifies domestic violence as a felony if the defendant has a prior domestic violence conviction. Currently many domestic violence cases are considered as misdemeanors.

House Bill 3379 requires school boards to adopt a policy on teen dating violence. The policy must establish procedures for school employees to respond when they become aware of teen dating violence, and schools must educate students about dating violence.

House Bill 3300 protects domestic violence victims who are covered by their abusers’ insurance policies by allowing insurance companies to communicate with the victims in ways that do not divulge personal information or current addresses to their abusers.

House Bill 3236, which extends the reporting deadline for the Task Force to Eradicate Domestic Violence to April 1, 2014. The task force is developing a statewide prevention program aimed at adolescent violence.

Gov. Quinn says that violence is the leading cause of injury to women in the United States, with an estimated one out of four women victimized at some point in their lives.  "Whether in her home or out in public, every woman has the right to be and feel safe," Governor Quinn said in a statement. "These new laws will help us fight domestic violence across Illinois and make our state a safer place."

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