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Hot Shots Friday

From an intricate pumpkin carving party to an elusive kitty to a cyclist crossing the Hudson River on raft tires, here's tonight's Hot Shots.

Jack-o-lantern carving specialists working at a frantic pace in rhode island for the annual pumpkin spectacular at the zoo. There are five thousand pumpkins here of all different shapes and sizes. The artists have been working around the clock carving. Money raised goes to the zoo's educational programs.

A kitten in florida got into a "cat-and-mouse" game with police.After the he was found hiding inside the engine of a car. The frisky feline got loose and hid inside other cars in the parking lot. A good samaritan caught the kitten before it was able to hide again.

Finally, a cyclist has become the first person to bike across the hudson river-- from new jersey to new york city-- on water. He uses a floating bike. The wheels are attached to rafts- and pedal power puts the raft into motion. Advocates say they 'd like to see more people bike to work, but some envision a bike lane across the river.

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