Hot Shots Friday

From a cute & cuddly kitty who was saved from a house fire to a 15 carat orange diamond, we've got your wildest video in today's Hot Shots!

A kitty gets a new lease on life, thanks to a quick thinking paramedic. A house fire in iowa had firefighters busy saving a mom and her two kids-- they got out ok. But "wuzzy" the kitten nearly died. But the paramedics put a tiny oxygen mask on him-- and before you know it, wuzzy was awake and lifelike. The family is renaming the 9-week-old kitty "smokey".

Ok Christie... How about an early holiday gift. Just a little something for all your hard work. A rare, orange diamond expected to fetch over 20 million bucks at an auction this week. It weighs nearly 15 carats and diamond experts say it's the largest one of it's kind. It's set to go up for auction november 12th... So you still have time to sell you house for a downpayment.

Finally, amazing video of a semi-truck crashing into an autoshop in idaho this week. I mean if you're going to crash, that's not a bad place to do it. The truck narrowly missed an employee.  Unbelievably, no one was hurt.

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