Hot Shots Monday

From a bar built on a frozen lake to a high school basketball team featuring four sets of twins, here's tonight's Hot Shots.
We've seen bars in pools and on beaches, but this is the first one on a frozen lake. It's in Minnesota and it's called the hillbillies hole. And it gets pretty crowded during ice fishing season. There's even holes inside the bar so you can fish while drinking.

Some unexpected visitors at a California surfing competition sunday. As the surfer rides the waves, checkout the dolphins next to him.  Looks like a bunch of sharks from this angle.

A Pennsynvalia high school basketball team is causing fans to see double. And it's not because they need glasses. The dragons basketball team in pittsburgh is made up of four sets of twins! Three sets are identical and one is paternal, and even they're hard to tell apart. The coach says it's nearly impossible to call plays because of the "twinsanity". It must be confusing opponents because the dragons are 5 and one so far this year.

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