Hot Shots Monday

From a world record holiday lighting display to a secret military homecoming, we've got your Monday Hot Shots.

We weren't the only ones dealing with bad weather. Watch as the icy roads in Oklahoma do a number on this s-u-v. The vehicle is heading down the highway, but spins out of control, then tumbles off the road, rolling over into a ditch. Good news though, no one was hurt in the accident.

How about this for christmas tree decor. Australia setting the world record for christmas lights with more than a half-a million. That amounts to about thirty one miles of lights! The family that organized it says they began setting up the display in August.

Finally, a special homecoming caught on camera. A marine captain who was almost killed during his three tours of duty returned home a little earlier than expected. His wife and three kids were invited by the Detroit lions, they were told, to be honored as a miltary family. Then-- in front of 62-thousand football fans -- a heartwarming reunion! Captain Munsee even emailed his wife the day before pretending to be in Afghanistan-- just to make sure it was a surprise. She says having her husband home for thanksgiving is priceless.

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