Hot Shots Monday

From a plucky porker who got a new lease on life to a crazy trampoline-highwire game for teenagers, we've got your wildest video covered in tonight's Hot Shots.

You have to love science. Jojo is a pig who became paralyzed from a spinal injury after an accident. Her owners didn't want to put her down so they took her to the local vet clinic and they were able to repair the spine-- a proceedure the'd done on dogs but never on a pig. Now jojo gets around with a special set of wheels.

Cavemen, cows, even a pope raced through the streets of buenos aires in argentina's soap box derby this weekend. The pope sprinkled water from the back of his soap box as they careened down the raceway. One team used an egg-carton as it's theme-- good thing it wasn't real eggs because they crashed. The cavemen took the grand prize however-- winning the trophy for best crowd interaction.

Finally, a group of california teenagers showing off tricks and stunts. It's called "tricklining, bouncing off a two-inch tension cord. It's growing in popularity. These teens travel all over the country competiting.

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