Hot Shots Thursday

From a cute and cuddly tiger cub to a wild movie stunt explosion in Chicago, here's today's Hot Shots!

The london zoo welcoming its first tiger cub in 17-years. The birth of the sumatran tiger was caught on hidden camera. Sumatrans are a critically endangered species. Zookeepers weren't sure how the first-time mother would react, but they say she's doing great.

A bet's a bet-- and a principal in colorado had to pay up. Ken marlow had to dress up as a princess--- and kiss a frog! He challenged his kindergarten students to exercise 150-thousand minutes as part of a fundraiser. But the kids made it to 160-thousand minutes. So he paid up and... Errr... Puckered up.

Finally,  a massive explosion on chicago's south side this morning. Nothing to worry about--- just a bit of movie magic. They're filming the new "transformers" movie this week. The crew has been putting on quite a show, with sparks, flames and other spectacles raining down. Filming will wrap up next week.      

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