Hot Shots Thursday

From students who pulled off the ultimate Christmas prank on their teachers, to an incredible holiday lighting display, we've got your Thursday Hot Shots.

Students scare the tinsel out of their teachers at one Texas high school! The teachers think they're recording a christmas greeting, but then the tree comes alive! The prank was pulled by the media studies class. They then uploaded the reactions to you tube.

Butler University's english bulldog mascot "trip" went on a nice trip today. He took a ride down the "yule slide" at the children's museum in Indianapolis. Looks like he was loving it! It's part of the museum's "share your slide" program to raise funds for the children's center.

Finally, check out this wild light display in Las Vegas. The homeowner says it took nearly a week to set up the 85-thousand lights and 15-thousand feet of power cable. Then they had to choreograph them to 19-christmas songs, and each takes about 10-hours to program.

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