Hot Shots Thursday

From two shark hunters taking an unusual risk to get up close and personal with their catch, to a pedicure that redefines bling, we've got your Thursday Hot Shots.
Swimming with sharks is terrifying, but a pair of Australian twins took it one step further, using a bird cage. He puts the cage over his head and jumped in with a tiger shark he had hooked. The shark lunges at him and surprisingly the birdcage worked. But it's still dumb.

An artist creates a stunning piece of work out of thousands of sticks!  First, large sticks are dug into the ground as a foundation.  Then, he bends, twists and weaves the sticks to finish it off, in this case a bird's nest.  This kid obvious hasn't discovered video games.

Finally, getting pampered is one thing, but a spa in Florida is taking it to a whole new level.  The Miami spa is offering pedicures with swarovski crystals. But it's not cheap. This jewel-laced pedicure costs 200 bucks. Oh and the crystals are not reusable in case you were wondering.


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