Hot Shots Tuesday

From a dancing street cop whose crazy moves get drivers into the holiday spirit, to a bunch of Santas flying down a snowy mountain, we've got your Tuesday Hot Shots.

It's Rhode Island's dancing cop, back on the streets, entertaining motorists and pedestrians. Retired police officer Tony Lepore busting out the moves only during the holiday season. The 66-year-old says he's been injecting dance moves into his police work since 19-84.

How can you say no to this face? Molly is bringing in the big bucks as a Salvation Army bellringer in Milwaukee. The three year old german shepherd has been ringing the red kettle bell for the past 3 years. It's enough to make even the stingiest of shoppers drop a little something extra into the kettle.

Finally, is Santa ditching his sleigh for skis? Hundreds of Santas hit the slopes at a ski resort in Maine for a fundraiser. They skiid and snowboarded their way down the mountain with no assistance from reindeer. Don't worry. The reindeer are still needed Christmas eve to get that heavy sleigh on the rooftops.! The money went to a local rotary club.

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