Hot Shots Tuesday

From helmet cam video of a skier trying to outrun an avalanche to a group of crazy swimmers taking a dip in freezing waters, we've got your Tuesday Hot Shots.
The Colorado skier had triggered the avalanche skiing back country in fresh snow. You can see he lands right at the head of it after going right over a small cliff. But his survival training paid off. He used his air collar to help him stay above the snow and, incredibly, he wasn't hurt.

Imagine taking a dip in 13 degree water, and then staying in it for 10 minutes! Sounds nuts, but 670 Japanese swimmers do it every year in the waters off Hojo beach. Afterward, they warmed themselves by a fire and ate hot miso soup.

Finally, a North Carolina man is learning to walk again thanks to the help of a robotic exoskeleton called 'the rewalk.' He became paralyzed two years ago in a flying accident. The re-walk is showing lots of promise. Some doctors think it could be the wheelchair of the future. By the way, that man says he plans to fly again someday.

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