Hot Shots Tuesday

A nasty road rage episode in Manhattan, a weather oddity off the coast of Florida, and a young crimefighter's dream come true. It's all in this Monday edition of Hot Shots

Road rage is never pretty, and this one caught on tape in new york city is a bad one. According to police, the driver of an s-u-v accidentally hit a biker, then pulled over.That's when dozens of other bikers surrounded the s-u-v. The driver tried to get away, and hit three-other bikers. Police say the driver was eventually cornered and beaten... His wife and young child were not injured.

Five... Count them... Five waterspouts spotted off the florida keys. Two boaters were out catching lobsters, when multiple waterspouts formed. Boat captain kevin johnson said it felt like an intense fan blowing on his boat.

Finally, a special treat for a seven-year-old battling leukemia. Little alex loves all things batman-- so the police department in anaheim california lit the bat signal and asked for his help. Alex spent the day in his robin suit fighting crime alongside batman and the police chief. He also was taken to a local theme park to ride a few rides and was treated to a special dinner in his honor. It was all part of the make-a-wish foundation

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