Hot Shots Wednesday

From a tv reporter getting a little to close to a story about a social media snowball fight, to a wild car crash caught on camera we've got your Wednesday Hot Shots.
Some reporters get a little too involved in their subjects. This FOX news reporter getting caught in the middle of a massive snowball fight in Washington D.C. It wasn't just any snowball fight. Word was spread around on social media and about a hundred people showed up to participate. The reporter took it in stride and no one was hurt. The group is hoping to make this an annual event.

A sky high view of sunday's A.F.C. championship game in Denver. That small object below is mile-high stadium. A skydiver taking part in the pre-game festivities was wearing a helmet cam. Check out the view as he lands on the field.

A woman and child nearly run over by a car crashing into a restaurant! Surveillance video from this Popeye's restaurant in Florida shows the close call. Troopers say the driver ran a red light, hit another car, then plowed through the restaurant. The woman and child had only minor injuries.


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