Hot Shots Wednesday

From a rooster with an odd genetic mistake that gave him curly hair, to a gym catering to both owner and pet, we've got your Wednesday Hot Shots.

A Chinese farmer raised a rooster with curly feathers. The farmer has been raising chickens for years and says he's never seen anything like it. Local animal officials say environmental factors may have played a role in giving his feathers the distinctive curl.

Here's an odd sight, a coyote being chases by the cops on an airport runway. It happened in Houston. The animal was tearing through the tarmac. You have to admit he gave a pretty good chase, but he was later captured after trying to hide near a fence. No flights were delayed.

Finally, pampering pets is nothing new. But one Washington gym allows pets to pump iron, even get facials! In fact, half it's members are four-legged and furry. Owners like it because they say they can both get a workout at the same time. The gym provides massages and facial scrubs too.

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