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Hot Shots Wednesday

From a woman who lost a bet and had to sunbathe outside in the Minnesota winter, to a camel beauty pageant, we've got your wild Wednesday edition of Hot Shots.

Sunbathing in Minnesota in winter doesn't sound like fun, but this woman lost a wager. A friend convinced her to sunbathe if 500 people liked a social media picture explaining the bet on facebook. She got 10-thousand likes! Not only did she pay up, she collected mittens and earmuffs to donate to a local coat drive.

Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder at the camel beauty pageant in the United Arab Emerates. 25-thousand camels are judged on humps-(fill in your joke at home) backside, and thigh line. What's really amazing is the prize money. The prize pool is 15 million bucks! Owning a camel is a status symbol in Arab countries.

Finally when you're thirsty, you'll do anything to quench it. Watch this surveillance video from a conveniece store as a Florida man attempts to buy a twelve pack of beer, by trading an alligator as payment! A customer called 9-1-1 and police arrested the man. The gator wasn't hurt and was released back into the wild.

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