House Burns, then Broken Into

ROCKFORD – Evera Moreland's home has $60,000 worth of damage, and says she can't cover the cost of repairs because she doesn't have insurance.
ROCKFORD – Evera Moreland sits in the home that's given her nothing but trouble. First, it goes up in flames in September. Then just 2 weeks ago, someone kicked in her back door and stole her copper piping and dishes.  A week later, they came back for her water heater, flooding the finished basement. Moreland says, “I'm ready to give up, you know. Cuz, the more I put into the house, the more they're taking away."

But she doesn't want to give up.  Moreland has paid off the Rockford home and has been here for over 40 years. She never thought anything like this could ever happen to her, “You know, I couldn't believe someone would stoop that low to do that."

Her daughter-in-law, Felicia Gray, says before being condemned, Evera's home on Waldo Street was a safe haven for many, “She's helped numerous people, people have stayed with her throughout the whole entire time she's been on Waldo (Street). I've even stayed over there."

Family and friends have helped by paying for some insulation, but there's still plenty of work to be done.  The windows are broken and there's no flooring or drywall.  So, this weekend, Gray will be handing out flyers outside of Menard’s asking for help, “You can either help with equipment, you can help with time and labor, monetary, anything is welcome."

And until then, Moreland's had to go back to work to try to pay for all the work on her house, putting the holidays on the back burner.  She says, “I can't afford it this year. You know, this is more important right now than Christmas."

The family has also set up an account through alpine bank in Evera Moreland's name that the public is asked to donate to.
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