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Local Dog Chews Company Flying High

Stressing the importance of buying local
Rockford, Illinois- Jones Natural Dog Chews Co. started back in 1970. Stemming from the family meat business, it made sense.

With recent attention being pointed towards tainted treats coming from China, they're stressing the importance of buying local.

"The salt, the flour, beef and chicken all come from U.S. sources," said VP, Darren Jones. "Its critical for us to support other companies from the USA."

Jones has more than 300 variations of their products and everything is kept in a clean environment. Our cameras weren't allowed in the manufacturing area because of risk of contamination.

"It's foamed, cleaned, scrubbed every night, so that everything is starting fresh in the morning," said Jones.

At Cherry Valley Feed & Supplies, they only carry American-made products. Customers like Jennifer Nelson want to know that they're feeding their dogs quality products.

"They're part of our family, and we should take care of them because they take care of us," said Nelson.
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