More Than a Dozen Arrested/Sought in DeKalb Drug Investigation

Authorities in DeKalb are looking for people involved in a conspiracy to cook meth in the city.

DEKALB - The drug war affecting the rest of Illinois is hitting close to home. On October 2013, agents of the Dekalb Police Department discovered a meth lab at a Travel Inn Hotel. Since then the police is looking for people involved in a conspiracy to cook meth.

Police say their investigation shows that the same peoplewho were cooking the drugs were using them for themselves. They already arrested nine people related to this case and they are looking for seven others.

One of the men involved in the ring, Thomas Wilkinson will go to court on February 18. Jerry Whitt its still wanted on charges of aggravated participation in cooking the meth. There is a big chance those accused already left the area.

Illinois is receiving 18.5 million dollars to help local authorities fight drug gangs. The Dekalb County Sheriff’s Office hopes to gets part of that money to add additional man power.

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