New State Supreme Court Justice Sworn In

VERMILION COUNTY - The state has a new Supreme Court Chief Justice.

VERMILION COUNTY - The state has a new Supreme Court Chief Justice.

Monday, the Honorable Rita Garman become the second woman to hold the title in Illinois. Garman was sworn in at the Vermilion County Courthouse. It's where she first started working.

Justice Garman never imagined she would end up on that bench. A woman being a judge was almost unheard of when Justice Garman started law school. Some professors even accused her of enrolling just to find a husband. But she was very serious about the endeavor and she's come a long way since then.

Many of her colleagues came to her swearing in, including former chief justices and other local leaders. A big group of family members came to support her as well.

Her parents passed away before she made it to the Supreme Court, but she remembers seeing her father watching her form the back of the courtroom early in her career.

Even though Justice Garman isn't the first woman to hold this office, she earned many other "firsts." She's the first woman Vermilion County Assistant State's Attorney, the first woman Associate Judge and Circuit Judge in the 5th Judicial District and the first woman appellate justice in the 4th District.

Some justices told stories about their new chief and why they know she's just right for the job.

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