One Month After Washington Tornado, Victim Talks About Life on the Mend

A month ago, Joey Davidson had a leveled home and a broken back. He talks about the slow pace of getting back to 'normal.'
WASHINGTON - It's been one month since tornadoes swept across central illinois, and hundreds of people are still trying to get thier lives back on track.  For one man, that includes recovering from multiple injuries sustained in the storm.

"it seems like an eternity. It really has," says Joey Davidson.   A month ago, he could barely walk.  Cracked ribs, shoulder and vertebrae fractures kept him in the hospital.   Today, he still wears a brace..but things are looking up.   "Ribs are back up to about 80 percent. I can still feel it you know. But when the kids jump on me, that definitely hurts."

His home is gone, but life is slowing getting back to normal.  He finally got mail last week, and his kids are back in school   A family friend lets him rent this home with family.

"You know, we've got a roof over our head and it was furnished and it was available," Davidson says.  "We were in here three or four days after the storm, so it was like i say a blessing. And we're getting a lot of those"

But it's not easy, especially for his two young kids.  "You know every noise isn't a tornado kinda situation. Easier to explain to a six year old, not so much to a two year old."

Regardless, he plans rebuild in Washington.  "Definitely a basement in this one. We had a split foyer and that's a must."

His back should be healed in two weeks, but he says it will take more than a month for his life to fully recover.   "A lot of people still ask what can we do to help and my usual answer is keep asking because i really don't know."

But he did get some nice help from a neighbor.  Before the storm, the Davidson family booked a cruise for the holidays, but they feared they couldn't go because their passports and ID's were lost.  Luckily, just a few days ago, someone found those items in the rubble so they can still go on their trip.
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