Report Shows Labor Unions Growing in Illinois and Wisconsin in 2013

Overall union participation flat in 2013, primarily because of public sector job losses.
WTVO/WQRF -- After years of declines, the Bureau of Labor Statistics says that union membership grew in the private sector in 2013. but declined in the public sector, leaving overall union membership in the U.S. essentially unchanged at 11.3%.  Thirty years ago, union participation was at 20.1% nationwide.

In Illinois, BLS figures show union membership grew after years of decline.  16.3% of workers statewide are represented by a union in Illinois, up fro 15.5% in 2012.  In Wisconsin, the number has risen from 12.0% to 13.1%.

Government employees are still far more likely to be unionized than private company employees.  Public-sector workers had a union membership rate (35.3%) more than five times higher than that of private-sector workers (6.7%),

The growth of unions in the private section and decline in the private sector is likely a sign of the evolving economy, where private sector job growth has been fairly strong but as been partially offset by public sector job losses.

To see the full report, click on the link below:

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