Republican Candidate for Governor Bruce Rauner Chooses his Running Mate

ROCKFORD - Rauner announced Tuesday he's selecting Evelyn Sanguinetti as his Lieutenant Governor.
ROCKFORD - Republican candidate for Governor Bruce Rauner was in Rockford Tuesday and announced his Lieutenant Governor selection.

She is Evelyn Sanguinetti, a first generation American, who worked as an assistant attorney general under Jim Ryan and is an adjunct professor at the John Marshall Law School.

Rauner says she brings a history of success beneficial to his campaign, "[Evelyn] has won elected office, she's served in the government, she's a passionate conservative. She knows how to get things done. She's accomplished in everything. She's been a leader in everything she's touched."

Sanguinetti ran for city council in Wheaton, the town she currently resides in, and won back in 2011.
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