State Does 180 With Concealed Carry Applications

WTVO/WQRF - The state reverses its positions when it comes online only applications for concealed carry permits.
UPDATE (12/18/13): The Quinn administration says paper applications will be available beginning in July.  It comes after lawmakers complained last week that many Illinois residents don't have access to computers or are unsure how to use them.

SPRINGFIELD -- State Police roll out their new website where you'll soon be able to apply for a concealed carry permit, but the application process could be more difficult for some because it is 100% online.

Carolyn Siddens has a passion for shooting.  "It's fun. A very fun sport," she says.  She, like thousands of others across the state, is gearing up and getting ready to apply for a concealed carry permit.  She'll have to go through special training, tests, get fingerprints, and fill out lots of paperwork.  But there's one other requirement Siddens worries some shooters will have a hard time with. "The whole thing has to be done online."

That means Carolyn and everyone else in the state who applies will  have to scan and upload digital copies of everything because the state won't accept it in paper form.  "There's a lot of elderly people that don't have computers," Sidden says.

And also people like Robert Randolph, who has a computer but doesn't know how use it.  "No I do not use the internet whatsoever -- my lady does all that for me."

The state says putting the process online is cheaper and more efficient, and gives equal access for people who might not live near a centralized facility.  But many say it shouldn't be a 'one size fits all' solution.  "There's no problem with going online and doing it but why online only," says Fred Logue. 

Randolph adds, "If they have family they've got grandkids, then the grandkids could even process the stuff for them, but you know if they don't have an extended family that they can turn to or a gun range that they use a lot and they're just doing this kind of on a whim, then yeah it's gonna be a problem."

Right now the website has a checklist of all of the items you'll need before you can submit an application.  That link is below.  State Police will begin accepting them starting January 5th.  They say processing time will take about 90 days.


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