State Legislators Take a Stand on Obamacare

ROCKFORD - A group of state legislators met with local business owners to take a stand on Obamacare today.
ROCKFORD - A group of state legislators taking a stand on Obamacare.

They say legislators should not be above the law especially when it comes to healthcare.

A new bill would require state officials to carry the same standard health insurance benefits that Illinois citizens are required to have under Obamacare.

They say if it's good enough for the people, it should be good enough for them.

Senator Kirk Dillard says, "I know some of my collegues in the legislature won't like perhaps the increase in cost but again you lead by example when you are in government and if Obamacare is the law of the land then the Illinois General Assemly and Pat Quinn ought to live under Obamacare too."

And one local business owner says obamacare is costing his company the most ever for health insurance.
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